Sport shoes

Since there are available some pretty nice Louis Vuitton sport shoes, I started to check out what is new in this area. Sooo, I have to say, I have a new addiction. Don't worry ladies, we will overview classy outfits, too, but wintertime was soo long, our feet were stuck in boots and now we have the chance to go all comfortable. Let's put on some colorful skaters and keep rollin'.

Aaaand here comes the masterpiece:

          Have a comfortable day, lovelies xoxo


Casual spring

Today's outfit is pretty much a laid-back, casual combination ideal for a chaotic day in the city. This is a very comfortable way of looking good. The colors are nude, earthy, but if you want a pop of color which bring spring and joy in your day, you can opt for a turquoise, pink or yellow bag.
Have a nice, stylish day, sweeties!

Big hello to all of you out there!

Hey guys,

this is the place where you can express yourself. This blog is created to show you all that you don't have to follow trends and fashion in order to be STYLISH. We will discover together how easily we can express ourselves in our unique way. Does it seem strange to you that about 10 years ago people just refused to wear 80's clothes, because they were considered ugly, and now they seem pretty trendy. Yeah, I know, it's annoying how people can follow the so called trend dictators, and copy them. Well, we know this doesn't have to happen with us, because we have good taste without anyone telling us what good taste means. So let's get started! For starter, I will post every day an outfit of the day, and as we go on, the blog will have some other exciting series, too.

Have fun lovelies <3